Housing Affordability

A good community must have a variety of housing options for its citizens.

Arts & Culture

Healthy communities include public access to the arts, culture and community events.

Integrated Neighbourhoods

Zoning is an important tool that will encourage integration.


Promote a Bicycle culture and improved Public Transit

Expand and improve Public Spaces

Promote the expansion of public markets, “people places,” shopping hubs, parks and recreational facilities.

The Environment

Expand recycling programs - encourage water and land conservation measures.

Inclusive Community

Welcome diversity and celebrate our differences


This precious water resources we have need to be monitored, protected and managed carefully.

Remembrance Day 2015 was well attended at Kelowna City park. Thousands of people attended to remember those who are serving and have served our Country. The weather was kind to us all. It was a very nice ceremony.


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Ron Seymour's editorial pretty much says it all....

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MIH 8664

The Kelowna Fire Department annual fundraising event raised $3,500 for burn victims. I was part of a "high-angle" rescue demonstrating the skill of the Fire Department in rescuing people from high angles. Councillor Tracy Gray was also rescued from a truck demonstrating the "Jaws of Life." It was a really interesting day and I was pleased to support the Fire Department and the Victims of burns.  

MIH 8666

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I was pleased to attend this historic announcement by the Hon. Ron Cannan on the future of YLW. The Kelowna International Airport is a valued asset of the City of Kelowna and an important part of the City's prosperous future.   

Jul 29, 2015, Kelowna, British Columbia,  Transport Canada - The Honourable Ron Cannan, Member of Parliament for Kelowna-Lake Country, on behalf of the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, today announced that the Government of Canada is extending the term of its lease with the City of Kelowna for the management, operation and development of the Kelowna International Airport. The lease is being extended for an additional period of 20 years under existing conditions, and will now expire on December 31, 2054.

This lease amendment will help ensure the continued viability of the Kelowna International Airport and will allow the City of Kelowna to invest in airport infrastructure and capital projects on airport lands that require more than 20 years to realize sufficient return on investment. 

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