The Environment

Expand recycling programs - encourage water and land conservation measures.


This precious water resources we have need to be monitored, protected and managed carefully.

Inclusive Community

Welcome diversity and celebrate our differences

Housing Affordability

A good community must have a variety of housing options for its citizens.

Integrated Neighbourhoods

Zoning is an important tool that will encourage integration.


Promote a Bicycle culture and improved Public Transit

Expand and improve Public Spaces

Promote the expansion of public markets, “people places,” shopping hubs, parks and recreational facilities.

Arts & Culture

Healthy communities include public access to the arts, culture and community events.

2015 KCSS4

The Kelowna Christian School undertook a very interesting project. Students were challenged to come up with ideas on how to best employ Agricultural land beside the school. Teams of students formed, and then learned about the Agricultural Land Reserve and how the Commission makes decisions. They had to learn how to use farmland to its highest and best use within existing rules and regulations. I had a chance to view many of the proposals. I was very impressed with how the students approached the challenge. There were many creative ideas generated. Here are a few models the students created. 

   2015 KCS2015 KCS1350

Thanks to Mr. Brent MacAthur and his colleages for putting this great project together. Personally, I was inspired by the creative energy in the room. Thanks also to Mr. Todd Cashin, from the City of Kelowna, who also helped the students navigate the agricultural rules and regulations.

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Today we celebrated the sod turning of the new SPCA horse stable in Kelowna. This new facility will provide 6 stalls to assist horses in SPCA care. The Province of BC, represented by Minister Letnick and Minister Thomson funded $5 million toward a $50 million fund raising campaign for capital improvements through out the province. Congrats to Suzanne Pugh and the SPCA for their leadership in caring for animals. 

20150327 SPCA Sod

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OKM School Theatre

Standing on the amazing rigging above the OKM theatre. The ceiling of this theatre is wire mesh. It allows students the ability to set lighting and sound for plays in a safe and secure mannor. Its like walking on a trampoline. What a great idea!

The City partnership with OKM School provided the opportunity to build a second gymnasium at the school using the "Neighborhoods of Learning" program. This beautiful new gymnasium is 3 meters higher than the existing gym allowing for vollyball. This Partnerhship allows the City to program indoor recreational activities at OKM to support the community needs in the Mission. A win for the school and the citizen's of Kelowna. The new classroom areas are also wonderful. They feature break-out study areas, open airy hallways and natural light throughout. Congratulations to SD#23 on the successful completion of this major addition to OKM. It is great to see the City and the School District working in partnership. 

2015 Gym

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2015 Mayor and KSS kids

Many grade 3 students study local government in school. During their course we keep an open door at City Hall and provide tours to the children. Pictured here is Mayor Basran meeting with the students from the Kelowna Christian School on their tour of City Hall. This tour provides an opportunity to see City Hall, learn about the many areas that the City serves the community, learn about local government and to pepper the Mayor with some challenging questions! I enjoy conducting many of these tours and meeting the teachers, parents and children that attend.  

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2014 Pleasantvale Sod Turning Dec 15

Dec 15, 2014 was a grand sunny winter day to celebrate the sod turning of Pleasantvale. This new development replaces 50 units of senior's housing and adds 20 new family town homes to the north-end of Kelowna. It is a beautiful location at the foot of Knox Mountain. There are many partners in this project. Dignitaries included Premier Clark representing the Province of BC and the staff of BC Housing; Mayor Basran representing the fine work of the staff of the City of Kelowna; MP Ron Cannan representing the Federal Government; Catherine Comden representing the Rotary and the Pleasantvale Homes Society and President Lorne Gerber representing the Society of Hope (Hope is the developer of the new site and future operator.) The project is now fully underway with a target completion date of February 2016. Thanks to all for the dedication to bring this project forward. It took 5 years of hard work, deal making and problem solving to reach this Sod Turning event.  


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